Katy Bond


Blogger, Twitter-Queen

| BA and MA in History of Art @ University of Auckland, New Zealand | currently Ph. D in History @ University of Cambridge |

For me, the doing history in public project is a valuable way to help student work become accessible to the wider public and provoke discussion outside of the classroom.

| current research: Sixteenth-century German costume books |

| interests: Art history | galleries and museums | the history of dress |

4 thoughts on “Katy Bond

  1. Dear Katy, if you have access to Pinterest you might like to look at my board on the subject https://www.pinterest.co.uk/malcm2557/the-naked-englishman-cant-decide-what-fashion-to-w/

    I believe I have found the earliest recorded example of the motif occuring in a sermon by Michel Menot (d1518) where it is the Frenchman thus represented, in a Venetian palace.!


    Malcolm Jones

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