Newnham College Cambridge hosts Wikipedia edit-a-thon to mark International Women’s Day 2017

Know something about an eminent woman? Think it should be shared? Newnham College Cambridge are marking International Women’s Day 2017 by improving the gender balance of Wikipedia, and they’re looking for contributors.

When: Wednesday March 8th, 12.00 to 20.00
Where: Jane Harrison Room, Newnham College, Cambridge
What: Wikipedia is the seventh most visited website in the world – but only 15 per cent of Wikipedia editors are women and fewer than 17 per cent of notable profiles are of women. Anyone can edit Wikipedia, so the organisers are looking for participants to nominate an eminent woman and add to their profile, or to update an existing profile with additional information. Training and assistance from Wikipedia will be available on the day.
Booking: Confirm your intended arrival time in advance to help manage numbers – email Jo Tynan, Communications Director.

More details available here.


Image: By version 1 by Nohat (concept by Paullusmagnus); Wikimedia. – File:Wikipedia-logo.svg as of 2010-05-14T23:16:42, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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