World Digital Preservation Day Twitter Chat – 29 November, 12-2pm

We’re running a Twitter chat for this year’s World Digital Preservation Day on Thursday 29th November between 12 and 2pm (GMT). The chat will use the hashtag #WDPDhistory. Find us on Twitter @dhiptweets.

We’ll be talking about the importance of Digital Preservation for the study of the past. What does digital preservation look like to historians, archivists and other historical researchers? How does it fit with the digitisation agenda? What are your favourite digital sources, archives or resources? How are we preserving digital content today for the historians of the future?

Although as a blog we have a historical focus, we want this chat to be interdisciplinary. We’d love input from people working in all areas of digital humanities, libraries or archives, the arts and social sciences. Spread the word!

Let us know in advance if you’ll be taking part – DM us on Twitter @dhiptweets or email Or just join in anytime between 12-2pm on the day!

Our chat will use the hashtag #WDPDhistory. Check out what’s going on elsewhere for World Digital Preservation Day with the hashtag #WDPD2018.


Image: World Digital Preservation Day logoDigital Preservation Coalition

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